American-Armenian make-up artist Ani Goulayan and her followers donated $10,000 to the Armenian Fund

American-Armenian make-up artist Ani Goulayan and her followers raised $ 10,000, doubled and donated to the Armenian Fund․
As Ani mentioned in a conversation with
– Just doubled another 10k, totaling to 20k for the Armenia Fund. Thank you for all the support. Now let’s get ready for the next fundraiser! It’s going to be a hugeeee raffle! So far I have about 20 companies that will sponsor (some big non Armenian companies as well․ I am planning to start the raffle fundraiser by latest Monday. Please contact me if you want to be a sponsor. 
Up until this donation, Ani has raised thousands through sales of her makeup line, Vanity Makeup Cosmetics, which she has donated all sales to ArmeniaFund. She also collected hundred of boxes of humanitarian aid for the soldiers at her studio, vanity makeup school, which she is still continuing to do.
She continues to raise awareness about the war through her social media and supports all the fundraisers and protests. Right now she is working on a big raffle. Many companies from around the world are sponsoring her, including big non Armenian owned worldwide makeup brands. All raffle tickets will be donated to the Armenia fund